Feminine Feminist

Gladz / Spring – Summer 2017

‘May nothing define us. May nothing subject us. May freedom be our own substance, for living is being free.’

Inspired by Simone de Beauvoir’s paramount body of work, Gladz’s 2017 Spring-Summer collection materializes dreams and desires of the 21st century feminist. A woman who, just like the French writer, is a free, independent spirit, but in touch with her sensitive and eternally romantic side.

Neutral and nude tones complement the collection, representing the pragmatic, assertive side of a woman who treads her own path and is true to her ideals and beliefs.

And because we believe that freedom and diversity are essential when expressing a woman’s unique personality, our first collection presents a wide range of shoe models. In colours that embody the delicacy of the feminine essence and the warrior force that was Simone de Beauvoir, shoes, sandals, sneakers and ballerinas come to the rescue in helping women deal with the endless challenges in their daily lives.

Rose gold chains sparkle boldness and sophistication over this season’s luxurious textures.

Metal details add subtle elegance to the paradigmatic shapes of each shoe.

Large flowing bows enhance the romanticism and del- icacy of the feminine silhouette, making for immediate sophistication.

With a focus on clean,simple design, minimal aesthetic comes to life through the choice of sharp textures and unlikely materials in metallic and pastel colors.

With its exuberant delicacy, knots take on the leading role this summer, adding a dash of absolute elegance to women’s wardrobes.

Striking shapes and unexpected materials come to life through simple and modern overlappings, perfect for any time of the day.

Exotic and bohemian by definition, fringes bring movement and joie de vivre to bright, sunny days.